Sometimes I hear a ringing in my ear, is this normal? These voices in the head are generally called tinnitus and are very common. Tinnitus can occur from time to time, or you can hear a continuous tone. It can be very thick or very thin, you can hear it in your single ear or in both ears. This can be very annoying when the ring tone is constant. In fact, this discomfort can affect the normal life of people.

There are many possible reasons for subjective tinnitus, which is only heard by the patient. Some causes are not bad (for example, a small ear can temporarily tinnitus). There may also be more important reasons such as infection, perforation of the eardrum, effusion in the middle ear, and hardening of the joints of the bones in the middle ear. Tinnitus may also be due to a tumor originating from the vascular enlargement or nerve in the head and neck region. These problems also include hearing loss. Allergies can cause tinnitus, high or low blood pressure, tumors, diabetes, thyroid problems, head and neck problems, some drugs (rheumatoid drugs, some antibiotics, sedatives and aspirin). Treatment is very different for each situation. 346/5000

Causes of Tinnitus
External ear: Foreign bodies, Ear plugs, External auditory canal secretion
Middle Ear: Effusion in the middle ear, Infection Diseases of the ear glands and middle ear ossicles
Inner Ear: Aging-related tinnitus, Exposure to noise, Use of harmful drugs in the ear, Meniere’s Disease,

Nervus vestibulocochlearis: Rare nerve tumors

Tinnitus usually develops due to injuries that occur at the tips of the hearing nerves that are too small to be seen with a microscope. The health of these nerve endings ensures accurate and definitive hearing, and damage to them will lead to hearing loss and tinnitus. Along with the advanced age, there are some changes in the nerve endings that bring tinnitus together. Unfortunately, many people do not care about industrial noise, fire alarms, listening to music loudly and other noises, or how unaware they are.

Other Causes of Ear Tinnitus:
• After strong body movements, sounds heard as “heartbeat” in the ear are completely normal and they pass by rest automatically.
• Tinnitus with aging indicates that the ear functions are weakening.
• In diabetes, thyroid. Sounds in the form of tinnitus are heard in the diabetic disorders and decrease with the weakening of the symptoms of the illness.
• In persons who are poisoned with chemical and toxic substances, ear tongues are counted as poisoning symptoms.
• People who consume narcotic drugs, alcohol, and excessive tobacco also have tinnitus.
• The use of antibiotics such as streptomycin, neomycin, and kanamycin, which are used in the treatment of certain diseases, may cause tinnitus as a side effect.
• The external auditory canal can be heard completely, with earmuffs, sounds similar to eardrum inflammation in the joints and mucous membranes, dental and gingivitis, blood cancer (leukemia).
• In addition, tinnitus can also be seen in a nervous system disease involving hearing nerves.


Most of the cases have no special treatment. If your doctor finds the true cause, the tinnitus in your ear will be lifted as a result of treatment to remove it. Some x-ray films and balance tests may be needed for this. Despite this, the cause of tinnitus is often absent. In some cases, medicines are helpful even though they are not put forward.

Tinnitus treatment with white noise:
“White noise” is white noise, sounds like a buzzing sound, not very noticeable sounds, wave sounds of the oceans, sounds of trees swinging in the wind or sounds like water. It is called white because it is made up of equal distributions of all frequencies. It is rarely natural that all the sharp or low frequencies of the surrounding audio sources are shaved or friction is reduced or equalized. With the discussion of accuracy, it is said that the child has a “white noise” in his mother’s womb when he is in liquid and the CDs filled for this purpose are used for the treatment of unexplained crying.
It is also the most important treatment method used in tinnitus treatment in recent years. It is especially necessary to adjust the sound intensity of the CD and listen for at least 2 hours according to the severity of the tones in the silent nights. The duration of treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months. It is thought that the distorted work in the outer hair cells, which form the inner ear ring and only seen with electron microscopy, corrects the synchronization.

It provides the systematic control of blood pressure and muscle groups as a result of cauterization, concentration and relaxation exercises.

Tinnitus is more disturbing, especially when you are lying around at night, when the environment is silent. A sound that will compete with tinnitus is a click on a clock or a radio, which will reduce your discomfort. Some doctors suggest that you listen to FM channels in a low voice. This sound is known as white sound. Some patients use electronic devices that produce a relaxing sound. The tinnitus masker is a small electronic part built into or attached to the hearing aid. It produces a sound that is constant but uncomfortable, allowing one to forget the tinnitus.

Hearing loss is said to have been reduced or eliminated by some of the devices used by the tinnitus. However, careful study should be done only if the hearing aid is used to prevent tinnitus. Usually when the hearing aid is removed, the tinnitus returns to its original state.

For your tinnitus, you should definitely go through a careful examination by an otolaryngologist before starting any treatment.